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It was terrifying and rewarding at the same time!

I choose to practice going to the men’s room at a local anime convention this past weekend, because it felt like a safer place than, say, a Walmart. The con plastered their harassment policy all over the bathrooms and in every stall and it really boosted my confidence, too. It even mentioned zero tolerance for bathroom policing.

Anyway, I don’t have an STP and the first time I went, both of the only two stalls in there were in use, so I didn’t know if I was to stand around or go outside until someone came out. In the women’s room I usually stood near the stalls and waited, but I don’t know if the same etiquette applies to men’s rooms? I mostly didn’t want to be noticed by anyone in there and I didn’t want anyone to think I was watching them.

I did kinda wait until I was sure there was no one in the bathroom before I started peeing. Otherwise, I just sat on the toilet until I was certain the coast was clear. I know some cis men prefer peeing sitting down, but I still feel self-conscious about that. Some of my trans friends have had past experiences (outside the convention) where cis men shouted slurs when they noticed the peeing noise coming from the stalls and that scared me a bit.

Nothing happened, though! I did my business, then quickly washed my hands and went on my way. The few times I wasn’t alone I skipped the hand washing entirely (I had a bottle of sanitizer in my pocket anyway) because I’m not that confident yet!

I’m still going to use the women’s room for most of my bathroom trips, especially if the venue I’m at doesn’t feel safe. I try to look for the family/unisex toilets, of course, but until T makes me appear more masculine or I get an STP, I’m not going to use the men’s room that often. It was good experience, though!

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