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Did you find my blog useful or just enjoy the content I produce and want to show your appreciation? Here are a number of ways you can!

  1. Amazon Associates
    Any time you purchase an item that I have linked on this blog, I will receive 10% of the profits. However, you must use the link provided on this blog–searching the item on Amazon and buying it that way will not help me!
  2. Amazon Wishlist
    You can buy me books, movies, or art supplies!
    This is my online shop where I sell unique art that I created myself. Currently it is just mostly kawaii-inspired products, but I will be adding a LGBTQ section in the near future!
  4. Ko-Fi
    My tip jar! It says that you’re buying me a cup of coffee, but the money actually goes straight to my PayPal. But Ko-Fi makes for a cute little gateway. 🙂
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last modified on April 25th, 2017 at 12:38pm