Below are some trans-related resources that I have personally found to be very helpful. I hope they help you, too!

General Information


Coming Out


  • East Coast Medical Supply
    Discount/bulk syringes & needles; please confirm that your state/city/locale allows you to purchase these items without prescription before shopping here (or anywhere online that supplies them, for that matter)!
  • Fenway Health Injection Guide
    A visual guide on how to do both intramuscular & subcutaneous injections. However, it’s highly recommend that you have a health professional instruct you!!!

Legal (U.S.)


  • Psychology Today – Therapist Search
    I personally did not require a therapist’s approval to start HRT, but this website was still very useful to me in locating a trans-positive therapist in my neighborhood. The search engine has filters for sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. Just make sure that the therapist explicitly states on their profile that they are LGBTQ-welcoming. You are allowed to interview your therapist to make sure they are right for you! If they are avoidant or refuse to answer questions, look for someone else!

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