TW: needles, skin penetration with a sharp object, blood. You can hear the nervousness in my voice with this one! Disclaimer: please consult with a doctor or a nurse before doing this! Things can go horribly wrong if you are not aware of all the safety precautions and procedures that... Read more

I’m on Instagram now! Follow me at to see me be gloomy and reluctant to work. I’ll try to update once a day there. Thanks. 🙂 Read more

Did you know that this is the third take of this video?! I ran out of space on my SD card in the middle of the first take. The second take was filmed on a much larger SD card and I completed the recording, but I didn’t like that my... Read more

Below is a (cropped) photo of me when I was 15. I should have posted this earlier to coincide with my first T injection. 😛 Boy, a lot sure changed even before HRT! Read more

I’m in HD, wow! Just some test footage with my DSLR camera and some new audio equipment. I also feel less self-conscious watching this one, probably due to the better quality, lighting, depth, etc. Heck, I’m cute! Products featured in the banner image: UGREEN Premium 3.5mm extension cable Movo GM100 Lavalier Lapel Clip-on... Read more