I can’t believe it’s been a whole month! This video ended up being a bit longer than intended. Forewarning that I briefly mention some messy bathroom stuff. šŸ˜› I talk about my butt, coming out at work, recent skin issues, and a sudden craving for CHOCOLATE. Read more

Here’s the letter that I current have drafted for when I come out at work. My current plan is to send the finalĀ on Friday after I get home from therapy. Wish me luck!!! Dear [boss], I am writing to you today to let you know that I am a transgender... Read more

Third week on T, hooray!Ā Unlike previous videos, I managed to do this one in only one attempt! I also finally figured out how to do text in iMovie. FTM T-shirt is from www.livegenuineproject.com. How dumb of me to not even write it down correctly on my notepad, lol… Read more

I received some very great news yesterday! It all started in November, the week after the 2016 Presidential Election. In a panic to get proactive about addressing my gender identity while my rights were still available, I submitted an application to The Name Change Project, a free service provided by... Read more

Update 3/28/17:Ā I did not return the binder, as I have found it to be a suitable alternative to wearing a sports bra while at the gym. The fabric is very thin and allows air to pass through easily, unlike most sports bras. However, there is noticeable bounce while running with... Read more