As of April 25, 2017, all binders have been spoken for! I apologize for the inconvenience! Original post: I am offering free binders to those who need them, but are unable to afford them. 🙂 You can view the full list of binders here: Read more

This week I talk about some noticeable fat loss (redistribution?), traveling overseas with T, a small update on my legal name change petition, and the possibility of giving out free binders! This couch probably has a shape of me molded into it by now… Read more

Yeesh! While I was looking at some chin acne, I noticed that the hairs there were thicker and darker now! I’m not a facial hair person, so this is a little unsettling. I’ll need to start shaving soon! Here’s a closeup of my chin so you can see the hairs:... Read more

I talk about a lot of stuff in this one, including what I’d been doing in the past week, visiting the office, contemplating STPs, first bloodwork while on T, and more! Here are links to a few things mentioned in the video: my Reddit post about using the men’s room... Read more

Cross-posted from Reddit: It was terrifying and rewarding at the same time! I choose to practice going to the men’s room at a local anime convention this past weekend, because it felt like a safer place than, say, a Walmart. The con plastered their harassment policy all over the bathrooms... Read more