Another update on the name change front!

My lawyer emailed me this past Friday morning to let me know that she will attempt to get the ad publication part of my name change process waived. Attached to the email was an affidavit for me to sign and have notarized, which stated that I am concerned about my safety as a trans person if my hearing was announced publicly.

Thankfully, my partner is a licensed notary public. It is typically frowned upon to notarize for family members, but considering the terms of this affidavit was of no benefit to him, I was given the go-ahead to have him serve as notary. That was stamped and mailed out this morning, and now to wait to hear back from my lawyer about the court date, which has been scheduled for June 13, but will not be final until the waivers are approved.

I’m so excited! June 13 is a day shy of my fourth month on T and also a day after my sister’s birthday (and one year after the Pulse shootings 🙁 ), so it is extra significant. I am going to be on fire for the next month or so as I impatiently wait for the day I can finally use my real name!

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