Today I went downtown to meet with my TLDEF-assigned attorneys to finalize my name change petition. This was our first in-person meeting and everything went splendidly! There were Jolly Ranchers!

We made a few corrections to the petition, largely because it still had my birth middle name as my desired name, which I’d requested be shortened to just a single letter (like Harry S. Truman). We also discussed a major (and unnecessary, imo) step of the name change process, which requires me to advertise my court hearing in two widely-circulated newspapers. Because of how silly and invasive this requirement was, I asked if they could publish the announcement in a couple of local LGBT papers. Sadly, they needed to be more global than that, so one will actually be posted in the local legal rag, while the other will be in the city paper. Fortunately, the text will be really small. I also don’t have any people in this city who wish me ill intent (I don’t think so, at least), so I am not really worried about exposing myself like that (I just hope no random loonies show up at my hearing).

The overall meeting was a lot shorter than I anticipated, We discussed the process, I signed a few things, gave them a copy of my fingerprints & birth certificate, and that was that! It was just the first meeting, of course, so we’ll be getting back together after my background check comes through so we can decide on a court date.

I am excited and I can’t believe I’ve come this far! I expect the court date will be some time in late May or June (I cannot do it any sooner because I will be vacationing overseas soon). But I am going to enter my 30s as a new man, for sure!

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I’ve always had a fuzzy upper lip, but this morning I noticed that the hairs there were darker and longer than usual. I’m gonna need to shave soon since I’m not really a facial hair guy, but it’s still neat!

My GOD are my pores ugly…

And apparently I have a soul patch forming too??? Something I definitely didn’t notice in the mirror.

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