I had my first T shot today, done in the comfort of my own home. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! I injected 1ml of Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml into my right thigh with a 22g needle.

The most surprising thing was how little it hurt! I had been researching injection methods in the weeks leading up to this and I was a little concerned by needle size. Most people recommended switching up to a 25g needle after drawing for the least painful experience. I ordered a box of 100 from East Coast Medical Supply, but they sadly haven’t arrived yet and I was so impatient that I succumbed to the 22g. The only part that actually hurt, and it wasn’t even that painful, was penetrating my skin with the needle. My leg did shake a lot from the adrenaline of finally doing HRT, but its movement didn’t seem to impact anything. Some of the T oil did seep out as I was injecting, probably because I was doing it a bit too fast. I will still switch up to 25g moving forward, because all the needles I currently have are attached to a syringe and I don’t want to waste!

Testo Memo

(Is it possible to experience effects so soon after injecting? My face suddenly feels really greasy, just a couple hours after my shot. Though I did have to walk under a warm winter sun to pick up my prescription, so maybe it’s just sweat.)

So that first shot is now in the can and I have officially begun my medical transition. I’m so excited! I am going to do my best to document any changes as time goes on. My dosing is 1ml every two weeks and I am using a phone app called Testo Memo to track my shots, as I’m sure I’ll forget otherwise, haha!

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