Did you know that this is the third take of this video?! I ran out of space on my SD card in the middle of the first take. The second take was filmed on a much larger SD card and I completed the recording, but I didn’t like that my under-chin (and acne scars) was so visible, so I redid it a third time (and managed to shave off 3 minutes, haha!).

In this video I discuss the effects of being on T for just one week, talking to my mom about HRT, and shopping for the perfect binder. The next video will likely be an injection demonstration, if I can get the camera to cooperate!

Links, binders, and brands that were mentioned in the video:

Bonus: I happened to look at the front page when the counter was a few seconds away from a solid 7 days and I captured that moment. Hooray for 1 week on T!

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